Special Events Where StadiumTRAY Has Been Used

2008 Staples Center
Super Bowl XXXIX and XL
2006 NBA Finals
2005 MLB All Star Game
2005 NBA Playoff
2004 NHL Playoff
2005 Fiesta & Gator Bowl
2003 and 2004 MLB Playoff

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a001_SB392190 a002_SB392195 a003_SB392196 a004_SB392198 Super Bowl XXXIX

February 6, 2005

Patriots vs. Eagles

McNeil Pharmaceuticals

Flexeril 5mg

a005_SB392214 a006_SB39v22203 a007_SB39v22189 a008_SB392200
a009_Bell South_2823 v a010_Bell South_2888 v4 a011_Bell South_2883 a012_Bell South_2836 BellSouth
Atlanta Braves at Turner Field
August 2005
a100_XM_2704 v2 a101_XM_2637 a102_XM_2619 a103_XM_2635 XM Radio
MLB All Star Game
- June 2005
Comerica Park - Detroit, MI
a200_KF new 2 a201_0000047 a202_Sororitygirl a203_0000050 NCAA

Games and Venues
(not in order)

Navy/VMI - Aug 30, 2003

Auburn/USC - Aug 30, 2003

Georgia Tech/Auburn - Sept 13, 2003

TCU/NAVY - Sept 6, 2003

SMU/Boise State - October 18, 2003
b1_Concession b2_ DSCN0845 b3_Lady Fan b4_ DSCN0838
c1_2 0000046girls c2_GT Fan c3_0000052 c4_0000055alum
d1_1000051 d2_1000240 8X6 d3_0000061 8x6 d4_0000060
e1_1000029 e2_1000024 e3_0000054frat guy cropped e4_0000056seriousfan
h1_DSCN0187001 h2_DSCN0191005 h3_DSCN0205019 h4_DSCN0213031
i1_0000040 i2_ 1000246 8X6 i3_0000043 i4_000159
j1_Scan21 cropped j2_02926x j3_03532x j4_02623x Major League Baseball

Turner Field

Major League Baseball

Divisional Playoffs

Atlanta Braves
vs Chicago Cubs

October, 2003

Best of 5 Series
k1_0129 k2_1000191 8x6 k3_03633 k4_1000149
m1_1000152 m2_1000156 m3_1000160 m4_1000185
n1_1000187 n2_1000198 n3_1000204 n4_1000180 cropped
p1_1000303 8x6 p2_1000318 8x6 p3_10003090001 8x6 p4_1000267 8X6 NBA and NHL

Philips Arena

Atlanta Hawks
Atlanta Thrashers
q1_1000261 8X6 q2_1000262 8x6 q3_1000276 8x6 q4_1000294 8x6
r1_pepsi 2 1500 x r2_pepsi 4 1500x r3_Pepsi 20 1500x edit r4_pepsi 7 1500x Pepsi - 44th Annual Lanierland
High School Tournament 
Atlanta Georgia
s1_b0086 s2_c02523 s3_c03028 s4_c03735 Stanley Cup Playoffs
Wachovia Center

Philadelphia Flyers
vs. Toronto Maple Leafs

May, 2004
t1_c03129 t2_c03331 t3_c03836 t4_c03937
uT_urner Bread 1000975 uT_urner Bread 1000978 uT_urner Bread 1000980 uT_urner Bread 1000981 Venues - Fall 2004

Turner Field
(Atlanta Braves)

Georgia Tech

Philips Arena



McNeil Pharmaceuticals



Atlanta Bread Company

Hibernia Bank

uT_urner Bread 1000984 uT_urner Bread 1000995 uT_urner Bread 1001000 uT_urner Bread 1001005
v1_TurnerBread12033x4b v1_TurnerBread1211x34b v1_TurnerBread12463x4b v1_TurnerBread12543x4b
v2_TurnerBread1256 3x4b v2_TurnerBread12583x4b v2_TurnerBread12653x4b v2_TurnerBread12673x4b
w1_TylenolBraves1466 w2_HyberniaKK7B1361 w3_FlexerilPhilips1536 w4_HyberniaKK7B1362b
w5_FlexerilPhilips1538 w6_TylenolBraves1452 w7_FlexeripPhilips1552 w8_FlexerilPhilips1546
x1_Fiesta2054s x2_Fiesta 2063fs x3_Fiesta 2069s x4_Fiesta2074s Tostitos Fiesta Bowl

January 1, 2005

Pittsburgh and Utah

x5_Fiesta2080s x6_Fiesta2095s x7_Fiesta2110s x8_Fiesta2133s