StadiumTray™: A New Way to Advertise

StadiumTray™ is a powerful new advertising medium that puts corporate brands and advertising messages right in the laps of target audiences - literally!

StadiumTray™ is a superior-quality food and beverage tray provided FREE to every fan who makes a concessions purchase at sponsored sports and entertainment events. Given that the average length of most sports and entertainment events is 3.5 hours, StadiumTray™ gives any advertising message maximum exposure to a prestigious audience - for a prolonged period of time.

The best part is that StadiumTray™ is provided FREE to fans and concessionaires by sponsors, who get maximum exposure to their target demographic.

About StadiumTray™

StadiumTray™ is an attractive, well-constructed product. We can produce hundreds of thousands of trays with 30-day notice.

Everybody Wins With StadiumTray™!


Everybody Wins With StadiumTray™!

Can you visualize your client's logo in the hands of thousands of NFL, NBA, NHL, NCAA and NASCAR fans each week?

StadiumTray™ is an innovative new advertising medium that produces proven results. With exclusive rights for a full line-up of stadium sports and entertainment events for the 2004 season, StadiumTray™ can place your client's brand and message right in the lap of their target audience - literally!

More than 700 million fans will attend MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, NCAA, professional tennis, soccer, ice skating, arena football, concerts, and other events in 2004...and every one of them could receive a FREE high-quality StadiumTray™ with your advertising message on it.

StadiumTray™ Gets Results!

StadiumTray™ presents a sponsor's brand and corporate message on a well-constructed, high-visibility product that offers convenience and comfort to appreciative users. Moreover, sponsor messages can be changed several times during the sports season to reinforce current marketing campaigns.

No other advertising medium at sports venues can provide advertisers with
such a hands-on and useful item for their target audience!

StadiumTray™ is an ideal way to target an extremely desirable demographic consisting of both men and women from the X, Y, and Boomer generations. The average length of most stadium events is 3.5 hours, affording your message maximum exposure. Our focus group studies indicate a high percentage of fans will keep the StadiumTray™ to use for tailgating, or keep for future use at home or in their cars. Add souvenir value and extend the advertising lifecycle to StadiumTray™ by utilizing lenticular imaging, or by printing a team's season schedule or the name and date of an event (e.g. 2004 Indy 500).

Sponsorship Options

StadiumTray sponsorship opportunities are available at a remarkably low cost. Opportunities are also available to sponsor single events (e.g., the Kentucky Derby) a team's full home season schedule (e.g. NFL), or all events at a single stadium or arena. Contact us today to discuss opportunities to get your brand and message into the laps of thousands!


StadiumTray™ for Venues/Concessionaires

StadiumTray™ presents an excellent opportunity for concessionaires to begin increasing profits immediately by eliminating tray costs. StadiumTray™ is the world premier ad-specialty food and beverage tray, and is provided free of charge to select sports venues and concessionaires. That's right, StadiumTray™ is FREE to you - all trays are provided by advertising sponsors secured by us. Venues generate significant new sponsorship revenues without investment or risk.

There's absolutely no risk whatsoever to concessionaires, as no purchase orders or deposits are required. Costs are covered by StadiumTray advertisers, who benefit from the effective brand and message placement offered by StadiumTray. Stadium management or concessionaire has approval rights for all sponsors in case of conflicts.

Everybody Wins With StadiumTray™!

Contact us today to discuss opportunities to get begin increasing
your concessions profits IMMEDIATELY!