StadiumTray Kicks Off the 2003 Football Season at Five NCAA Schools


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Atlanta, GA  - August 30, 2003



StadiumTray made its NCAA debut at some of the most prestigious universities in the country including Auburn, Texas Tech, Vanderbilt, Marshall and the Naval Academy.


StadiumTray is a convenient new food and beverage tray that is provided free to fans by corporate advertising sponsors at major sports and entertainment venues. This fan friendly new tray is larger, stronger and sturdier than trays previously used by concessionaires and has already become a big hit with fans at stadiums and arenas around the country.


Stadium Tray will conveniently carry four 16 ounce to 40 ounce beverages with plenty of room left over for hotdogs, fries or nachos. StadiumTray Executive Vice President Derek Fort stated “over the past few years, concessionaires at many venues have dramatically expanded their menus to include much larger sized beverages and a variety of new food items ranging from sushi to ribs, which have been difficult for fans to manage; it’s no longer just peanuts and crackerjacks.” Fort went on to say, “The food items got larger and the trays got smaller, StadiumTray simply helps make the food experience more enjoyable for fans.”


StadiumTray not only benefits the fan, it also allows corporate sponsors the opportunity to place their brand and advertising message directly in the lap of their target audience in a very useful and beneficial way that fans appreciate. 


The colorful new StadiumTrays can deliver a sponsors brand in up to five colors.  The bottom of the tray can be utilized to imprint a team’s season schedule, team picture, discount coupons or other items of interest for the fan.


StadiumTray will also be available this season at Arkansas, S.M.U., Georgia Tech, T.C.U., Philips Arena and Turner Field.




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