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StadiumTray Makes NCAA Debut In The 2003 Football Season


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Atlanta, GA- April 28, 2003


The company announced today that an agreement had been reached with Sodexho USA to provide the innovative new food and beverage advertising tray at many major NCAA football and basketball games beginning in the fall of 2003.


StadiumTray will make its NCAA debut at some of the most prestigious universities in the country including Georgia Tech, Vanderbilt, Auburn, Arkansas, West Virginia, Naval Academy and the current National Champion Ohio State Buckeyes.


StadiumTray is the convenient food and beverage tray that also serves as a new advertising medium for corporate sponsors. With StadiumTray, sponsors can place their brand and advertising message directly in the hands of thousands of sports fans each week with high visual impact and positive user response.


Unlike ordinary food service trays used at many sports venues, StadiumTray is larger, more fan friendly and sits securely on the fanís lap. StadiumTray conveniently handles up to four large beverages, hotdogs, or other concession snacks and is very sturdy and easy to hold and carry.


StadiumTray benefits everyone! The university receives additional sponsorship revenues for their athletic departments, the concessionaire receives free trays, the sponsor can place their brand and advertising message literally in the fanís lap and the fan has a more enjoyable food and beverage experience.







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